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System Dynamics Mentorship Program

The purpose of the mentorship program is to facilitate the application of system dynamics and related methods in ongoing research projects at Cornell. Recognizing that SD-related course offerings and research support are limited at present, the program seeks to facilitate collaboration between Cornell researchers and experienced SD modelers at other academic institutions. CSDNet supports the establishment of collaborative relationships suitable to the subject matter and scope of the research project. The network also provides small amounts of funding to facilitate collaboration (e.g., to cover travel or communication expenses, and certain SD-related materials and supplies). The terms of the collaboration are ultimately up to the individual parties, but will typically include a scope of work (including time frame) for the collaborators and mutually-agreed upon outputs (such as publications).

The Mentorship program continues to be run in a pilot phase. If you are interested in participating, please contact Chuck Nicholson. Applications for the program should include: